Paper Shark Tips

Step by Step Video – Pattern A

Step by Step Video – Pattern B

Tips for printing paper designs

When folding origami, it is essential to work with paper that is straight and square (with 90 degree corners). Be sure to take the time to carefully trim your paper to a perfect square before beginning. The square can be any size (though you may find it easier to work with a larger size to begin with).

  • Depending on the size you would like to work with, you may be able to cut multiple squares out of a single printed sheet of paper.
  • If you are using an inkjet printer to print your paper, please note that the darker designs will require higher ink density that may excessively saturate the paper (depending on the paper stock used, and whether you are printing on both sides).
  • Be sure to allow plenty of time for your printed design to dry before folding. Even if the ink does not smear/rub off, and feels “dry” to the touch, liquid inks (such as those used in inkjet printers) will often be absorbed into the paper and require time to fully dry. Attempting to fold paper that is not completely dry may result in tearing and it may be difficult to get crisp edges & corners.
  • While you are folding the pattern, take the time to line up the edges and corners very carefullly. Edges that are slightly off will often become more obvious and problematic later on in the design.
  • Press all folds carefully and firmly. In order to get a strong, clean fold, you may find it easier to use the side of your fingernail and run it along the crease.

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