Folding Instructions

paper sharks origami folding instructions and diagrams

Fold your own paper shark! Two versions of the origami shark design are available. Pattern A creates a shark with a nice big dorsal fin centered in the middle of the back, however this pattern works best when using paper that is the same color on both sides. When using single-sided origami papers (or any paper that is a different color on each side), Pattern B is recommended. Pattern B is very similar to Pattern A, except that the dorsal fin ends up slightly smaller and placed closer towards the head.  [Pattern A Example]  [Pattern B Example]
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Printable Paper Patterns

paper sharks printable paper patterns and designs
This page features design sheets (A4 size) can be printed on your home printer and trimmed to squares of desired size. The sheets can be printed single-sided for use with Paper Shark Pattern B, or printed on both sides for Pattern A. Please visit the Paper Shark Tips page for more information on printing your own origami paper. Includes modern typographic shark designs as well as traditional Japanese designs.
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Fin-Free Weddings

paper sharks fin-free wedding stationery - say no to shark fin soup
Share your love of sharks with your guests using the following free, open-source stationery sets! Each set features a number of options including wedding invitations, menu cards, RSVP cards, bookmarks, lai see envelopes and other informational items. The stationery can be customized with your own information and personal message. Paper Sharks stationery is also available for anyone interested in using origami sharks as wedding favors, or planning a fun activity for their guests!
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paper sharks promotional media brochures and cards
Anyone wanting to help promote the project is welcome to download and use the following brochures (available in A4 and letter sizes) and business cards. Thanks so much for your support!
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Other Craft Patterns

other craft patterns provided by
Additional craft projects are available for those wanting to show their support for shark conservation! All patterns are created by and available as free downloads. Comments, suggestions and special requests welcome!
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Additional downloads will be added in the future … comments and suggestions welcome! Don’t forget to upload a picture of your finished shark to the Collection page! Thank you!

Origami designs, diagrams & patterns © 2012 Larah Tamiko Uyeda, Designs/patterns are provided free of charge for personal and educational purposes related to shark conservation. Educators and organizations who are promoting shark conservation are encouraged to use and distribute these materials freely. However, these materials may not be redistributed, altered or used for any purpose that is not related to shark conservation without express permission.

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  1. Hey Larah!

    I am from New Zealand and we would like to encourage our school students to undertake your challenge of making 1,000 origami paper sharks in support for shark conservation ! Are you still willing to support their story and journey if they begin the project?

    Warm Regards,


    • Hi Siobahn,
      Yes, of course! Just let me know if there is anything I can do to help. I would be happy to share your story & progress on the site.
      Best regards,

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